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We get your cash and keep your customers.


Acquisition of receivables.

Add value to your assets and improve the structure of your balance sheet.

  • Soundly performing receivables
  • Sound doubtful debts (payers, non-payers)
  • Return to better fortune (titled or untitled)
  • Portfolio of mortgage-backed receivables, guaranteed or not
  • Portfolio of company receivables, guaranteed or not
The benefits to you:

  •  Positive impact on your balance sheet
  •  Assignment to one partner:
    • Trusted and close at hand, well-known on the market
    • Professional and expert, enabling you to avoid any risk to your reputation
    • Backed by a sound international Group
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Management of receivables.

Accelerate collection of your receivables and reduce the cost of risk without damaging your image.

  • Amicable debt collection
  • Legal debt collection
  • Insolvency management
  • Management of insolvency proceedings (in general)
The benefits to you:

  • Performance-based compensation
  • Limitation of provisions and justification for loss write-offs
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Civil investigation.

Enrich your client understanding to optimise your securities and your decisions.

  • Contact details research
  • Solvency verification
  • Search for beneficiaries with rights and heirs
  • Asset search
The benefits to you:

  • Use of the services of one of the leaders in civil investigation in France and the EOS Group's international platform
  • Justification of compliance with your obligations under the Eckert Act
  • Ensuring a partnership in compliance with laws and ethics
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Sales contact

Contact dedicated solely to commercial exchanges and not to case management

Fatiha Moscatiello

Ingénieure commerciale grands comptes

Phone: + 33(0)7 56 05 90 44