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We believe that our people are our greatest strength and that our human resources make a major contribution to the success of the Group as a whole. This success is largely due to a culture that we all share within the Group, which drives us to find the best solutions for our customers.

This is what motivates us every day: Changing finances for the better.

Are you looking for a new challenge? Would you like to work in a team that's part of a global network? Then take a look at our current vacancies and find the job that's right for you.

EOS France is always on the lookout for the best talent and offers a wide range of jobs (debt collection, customer management, sales, negotiation, IT, statistics, quality, management, etc.) as well as mobility across our 4 sites in France (Paris, Nantes, Pau and Lille) and internationally.

Open jobs for open minds!

Our open jobs can be found in our job portal (French language only).
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Our Testimonials.

"I was a Debt Negotiator in Paris and Manager in Nantes before I returned to Paris as a Production Manager. I opened the Pau site in 2003 and since 2010, I have been Director of Operations for all production sites. EOS gave me an opportunity and I grabbed it, and I now manage 150 people. I put my trust in EOS and they put their trust in me."
"I joined the EOS IT teams in September 2012 as part of a sandwich course. Being passionate about IT and curious by nature, I had the chance to work on all aspects of company architecture: systems, networks, security, data storage, databases (SQL, Oracle), and virtualised environments (VmWare), etc...

A question arose in 2014: And now?

The past two years have enabled me to become virtually independent; I knew the architecture in its entirety and I was also well integrated in the DSI. Following on from these experiences, I had the opportunity to take the lead in network and security architecture. Today, I am a security and network engineer and feel very fulfilled by assignments that are different each day."
"With a DEUG degree in law, I was keen to start work. I was a litigation editor for two years, and after taking over risk prevention and litigation management, I am now Production Manager dedicated to legal activity at the Paris site. Defusing conflict is also something we learn to do at EOS."
"I joined EOS in May 2010. I was fully trained in debt recovery. I was given the opportunity to develop my skills by being allowed to work completely autonomously. After the EOS Group took over the company in April 2010, I announced my plans to emigrate to Canada. The management supported me along the way and gave me the opportunity of a position at EOS NCN in Montreal. At present, I am still learning about the Canadian banking system and debt collection laws. From my very first day in this branch, everyone considered me to be an EOS employee in every respect. I am now looking forward to widening my knowledge to work towards a management post."
"I discovered the world of debt collection by chance 10 years ago when I was working as a sales consultant. By chance!? No! I don't believe in fate and chance; I believe there are only opportunities. I have learned a lot about missed opportunities resulting from successful opportunities and I am now responsible for a platform of 50 people. I learn something new every day and every day for me is an opportunity!"
"My career path with EOS France can be split into two phases. I initially took up a position as a Debt Negotiator, which I held for eighteen months before leaving. I came back to the company two years later in 2009 and since then I have advanced both in terms of my skills and in the assignments entrusted to me."
"EOS France recruited me as a Debt Negotiator at the Lons site in September 2008.

I was 44 then and had not long returned to France after spending many years abroad, doing many different jobs; I discovered a new world. It has given me great satisfaction to have enriched my professional life and undertaken a variety of training within the company."
"I have been a statistics engineer since 2004 and after beginning my career in the world of distance selling, I joined EOS Contentia in 2008 as Head of Analysis to make "intelligent" use of data for the benefit of our clients and shareholders. I now have the opportunity of supervising a team responsible for analysis and for working with statistical teams in other entities and countries on strategic and ambitious machine learning projects. As employee professional development and fulfilment is a concern for EOS, I also have the opportunity of undertaking a second professional activity at the university."

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EOS. For a debt-free world.
EOS. For a debt-free world.

EOS. Changing finances for the better.

What drives us at EOS? What is it that our more than 6,000 employees give their best for every single day? Our answer: Changing finances for the better. This is what we are committed to. And this aspiration is part of our DNA. 

We're business people doing people business.

Through this commitment we want to make clear that the work we do on a daily basis changes people’s lives in ways great and small. We make sure that the financial situation of our customers, and of defaulting payers, changes for the better. 
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Our Heartbeat

Our heartbeat provides the framework for the way we work with one another. The aim is to quickly respond to new developments, assume personal responsibility, and operate in a more interconnected way. This is how you create a culture of entrepreneurial thought and action. The seven principles that help us navigate this process are: Be courageous, Trust, Love to learn, Strive for excellence, Embrace change, Walk your talk und Share your knowledge. 
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