Joint progress - EOS France
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Joint progress

We take on social responsibility within the EOS Group by promoting empowerment, diversity and inclusion, and in society through our educational initiatives.

Financial literacy as a way to prevent excessive personal debt

(Social Impact through Financial Literacy)

We want to make children more aware of the right way to handle money and in doing so help counter excessive personal debt. Employees from the EOS Group established the finlit foundation back in 2019. The finlit educational initiative ManoMoneta has already reached more than 100,000 children aged 9 to 13 in eight European countries. The year 2023 saw the addition of a new initiative in Germany: “OhMoney” is intended to get young people aged 13 to 17 and their teachers excited about everyday financial topics.

At the same time, e.g. EOS in Romania, Slovenia and Croatia are actively involved in other initiatives like courses in schools or teaching videos.

Please follow the links to get detailed information about the finlit foundation and ManoMoneta.
CSR overview

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In the ManoMoneta program developed by the EOS finlit foundation, schoolchildren aged 9 to 13 can learn about financial products. video_zoom_boxvideo_zoom_box
finlit foundation EOS Group
finlit foundation EOS Group

A working environment where everyone should feel comfortable

(Diversity, Equality & Inclusion)

As an international group, diversity and gender equality are very important to EOS. For example, 52 percent of leading positions are held by women. With our Diversity & Inclusion Board, we are offering a framework to continue to drive diversity strategically at EOS. In 2023, we published a course on the online learning platform Masterplan that helps EOS Group employees to create an inclusive, inviting and successful work environment. Attending this course is obligatory for managers and HR personnel.

In addition, the EOS community QueerPoint partnered with OTTO’s queer network MORE* to publish a Transidentity Guide to help colleagues during and after their transition and also provide colleagues and managers with answers on the topic of transgenderism.
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How we are promoting a new learning culture

(Talent Attraction, Development & Retention)

The EOS Group wants to retain committed employees in the long term and give them opportunities to develop. With this in mind, we have therefore introduced numerous offerings and initiatives, for example the NXT talent management program which is currently fostering 92 talented employees from 17 countries.

It is especially important to us to empower our employees and create a positive and collaborative working environment for them. In 2022/23, every employee undertook on average 31 hours of professional development, an increase of 22 percent compared with the previous year. No less than 3,000 employees have already registered on the Masterplan learning platform and put together individual training material to allow them to pursue self-directed learning.
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AlterEos outsourcing

In 2023, EOS France started outsourcing some of its management and debt collection activities to AlterEos, a company that employs over 80% of people with disabilities. Up to a dozen staff members there are dedicated to EOS France as part of its customer relations work involving taking and making calls.

This partnership is one of the drivers to help EOS France handle its increasing workload while also staying true to its CSR commitments.

It truly is a win-win partnership!
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Performance Pact

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Juliette Fidon-Lebleu
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people playing beach volleyball
EOS France is supporting Juliette Fidon-Lebleu, a professional volleyball player and former captain of the French team, in her career change following her fresh-start studies at the emlyon business school in Lyon. EOS France wanted to both highlight a sport that receives little media attention and support a high-level female athlete. Juliette shares her experiences with staff through webinars and on-site workshops (on topics such as stress management, meeting objectives, leadership, etc.).

Gender equality at work index

In 2024, EOS France achieved a score of 98/100 for the gender equality at work index!

Each year, all French companies with over 50 employees must calculate their gender equality score and publish it on their website.

The 100-point index is based on five indicators

  • The gender pay gap
  • The gender gap in individual raises
  • The gender gap in promotions (for companies with over 250 employees only)
  • The number of women receiving raises after maternity leave
  • Gender equality among the 10 highest salaries