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EOS Group is an international expert in receivables management.

We make your cash flow.

We are experts in the field of international receivables management: fiduciary collection, debt purchase and business process outsourcing. With tailored services for B2B and B2C.  We create win-win solutions that make your cash flow. Always in a way that that suits you and your debtors. Because we know that todays debtors are your future customers. And you can concentrate on the future growth of your company. Sounds good? Get in touch.

EOS in France

  • Expertise built over time

    EOS France is the French division of the EOS Group, one of the world's leaders in the management and acquisition of receivables on behalf of third parties, present in more than 25 countries on the 3 continents of Europe, America and Asia.

    Today, EOS France is represented by a number of branches:


    • EOS Credirec: debt purchase
    • EOS Contentia: debt management for third parties
    • SIP (private investigation company): civil investigation and personal information research


    • EOS Contentia Limited: offshore debt collection platform

    The guiding principles of energy, transparency, reactivity and performance steer EOS France on its daily course of business, enabling it to guarantee a strong position in its lines of business.

    We manage banking receivables, which may or may not be backed by specific securities (consumer credit, residential mortgages, commercial lending, bank overdrafts, and others), and non-banking receivables (insurance, telecoms, energy, e-commerce, etc.).

    Around 600 employees work at our 5 sites situated in Paris, Nantes, Pau, Lille and Ebene (Mauritius).

  • A sound and reassuring environment.

    Figures for 2016/2017


  • Strongly committed to company well-being and success.

    Nathalie Lameyre
    Managing Director

    Nathalie Lameyre has been with the BNP Paribas Group for 11 years and has held a variety of positions. She was appointed as CEO/President of the Group in 1998. Nathalie Lameyre is a graduate of the ESSEC Business School. Prior to her current position as Honorary President, she spent 11 years as President of FIGEC (the French National Federation for Company Information, Debt Management and Civil Investigation). 

    Matthieu Delavenne
    Managing Director

    Matthieu Delavenne was involved in establishing Credirec, the founding company of the Group, in 1993. As Managing Director of the EOS France Group since 1995, he has been involved in all the major stages of the Group's development.

  • Since 2014, EOS France, through its subsidiary EOS Contentia, has held the AFNOR Social Responsibility label and the Qualicert service certification for its amicable and judicial debt collection activities.

    Social Responsibility Label

    Le label HFC

    The purpose of the SR label is to recognise and distinguish companies that, in their customer relations, observe a code of good social conduct in terms of HR, social dialogue, societal commitment, commercial practices, respect for the environment and methods of governance. It is awarded for a period of 3 years by a joint committee that adjudicates based on the conclusions of an audit carried out by AFNOR Certification.

    Our pledges:

    • To provide our clients with the best solutions for recovering their debts while safeguarding their commercial relationships and their brand image.
    • To maintain our responsible approach to debt collection in order to guarantee our partners, our clients and their debtors a high level of satisfaction.
    • To maintain a relationship of trust and to act responsibly with respect to all stakeholders.
    •  High-quality HR practices, a constructive social dialogue and strong ethical practices.


    Certification of services

    La certification de services

    Our concept of debt collection has inherently led us to undertake a service certification process. The creation of a standard is recognition from an independent third-party body of our obligation to provide high-quality services, based on 39 strong pledges. These service standards have been created in conjunction with the Public Authorities, users of the service and trade representatives.

    Main certified characteristics:

    • We encourage collective performance and success around focused and adjustable operational objectives.
    • We implement a progressive recovery process aimed at engaging the client in a payment and/or contact process for each activity
    • Our clients have access to information on their situation 7 days a week, 24 hours a day online at an annual rate of 95%
    • Our first actions begin the day after receipt of a collection case
    • We carry out an assessment and propose our clients payment solutions tailored to their situation
    • We train our employees on the French Data Protection Act and monitor compliance with the regulations of the National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (CNIL)
    • We measure the level of satisfaction of our partner clients in order to improve the quality of our services
    • We measure the level of satisfaction of our debtor clients so that they may resolve their debts in the best possible conditions
    • We ensure that all employees undertake to respect the company's Code of Ethics.

    Service certification standard "Debt collection activities – RE/CTA/01" may be obtained from or viewed at SGS ICS: 29, avenue Aristide Briand – 94 111 Arcueil Cedex.

    Index de l'égalité professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes obtenu par EOS France en 2020

    93 % c'est l'index de l'égalité professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes obtenu par EOS France en 2020. L’Index de l’égalité professionnelle permet aux entreprises de mesurer les écarts de rémunération entre les femmes et les hommes. L’Index est une note sur 100 points, calculée chaque année à partir de 4 ou 5 indicateurs suivant la taille de l’entreprise. 

    Indicateur 1 : Indicateur relatif à l’écart de rémunération = 38/40

    Indicateur 2 : Indicateur relatif à l’écart de taux d’augmentations individuelles = 20/20 

    Indicateur 3 : Indicateur relatif à l’écart de taux de promotions = 10/15 

    Indicateur 4 : Indicateur relatif aux augmentation suivant un retour de congé maternité = 15/15 

    Indicateur 5 : Indicateur relatif au nombre de salariés du sexe sous-représenté parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations = 10/10

  • EOS France: a reliable and experienced partner

    • 1993 : Création de Credirec
    • 1995 : Création de Contentia
    • 2001 : Création de SIP
    • 2011 : Rachat de Credirec pr le Groupe EOS -> EOS Credirec
    • 2016 : Rachat de Contentia par EOS Credirec
    • 2017 : Contentia et EOS Credirec deviennent EOS France
  • Receivables management on behalf of third parties.

    EOS France complies with the obligations stipulated in sections R124-1 to R124-7 of the code for the execution of civil proceedings, applicable to companies involved in fiduciary collection:

    • Declaration to the public prosecutor
    • Subscription to adequate professional civil liability insurance
    • Separate bank accounts (a separate account for each client)
    • Systematic dispatch of an initial information letter including the compulsory statements specified in the code for the execution of civil proceedings and those relating to the French Data Protection Act
    • Restriction on invoicing debtors with costs other than legal costs as stipulated by law.

    Debt purchase

    In the case of debt purchase, we send a letter to the debtor to inform them of the transfer of ownership of debts due. We also inform them of their rights of access to and amendment of consumer information in this regard.

    Civil investigations

    The employees performing searches for contact details for absconded debtors are approved as "PIA" (French "ARP") civil investigators by the National Council for Private Security Activities under the direction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Governed by volume VI (headings II and III) of the Internal Security Code. Private Investigation Agency (ARP) since 10 June 2002, ARP administrative authorisation number 736-1, by prefectorial order dated 4 November 2009.


    EOS France has been a member of FIGEC (the French National Federation for Company Information, Debt Management and Civil Investigation) since 1997. The company respects and applies the provisions of the code of conduct signed between the ASF (French Association of Finance Companies) and consumer associations.

    The code of ethics obliges its members to abide by strict terms at the level of statutes, competencies, financial guarantees and insurance.

    This code guarantees:

    • Transaction transparency.
    • Protection of beneficiary interests.
    • Respect for debtors, contractual relationships and legal and regulatory obligations.
    • Professionalism of participants; credibility and representation of the profession.


    EOS France subscribes to all obligations and procedures specified by the (French National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties) (CNIL) and has its own Data Protection and Liberties Correspondent (CIL).

    Code of ethics

    EOS France has its own code of ethics, which it defines contractually for all its associates.

    Legal statements and document protection
    •    Articles R124-1 à R124-7 du code des procédures civiles d’Exécution
    •    Extraît Obligations CNIL
    •    Copie de l'accord entre ASF et associations de consommateurs
    •    Extrait du code de la sécurité intérieure - Livre VI, titres II et III


This is where we are located in France.

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