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Quality Standards

Since 2014, EOS France, through its subsidiary EOS Contentia, has held the AFNOR Social Responsibility label and the Qualicert service certification for its amicable and judicial debt collection activities.

Social Responsibility Label

The purpose of the SR label is to recognise and distinguish companies that, in their customer relations, observe a code of good social conduct in terms of HR, social dialogue, societal commitment, commercial practices, respect for the environment and methods of governance. It is awarded for a period of 3 years by a joint committee that adjudicates based on the conclusions of an audit carried out by AFNOR Certification.

Our pledges:

  • To provide our clients with the best solutions for recovering their debts while safeguarding their commercial relationships and their brand image. 
  • To maintain our responsible approach to debt collection in order to guarantee our partners, our clients and their debtors a high level of satisfaction.
  • To maintain a relationship of trust and to act responsibly with respect to all stakeholders.
  • High-quality HR practices, a constructive social dialogue and strong ethical practices.

Certification of services

Our concept of debt collection has inherently led us to undertake a service certification process. The creation of a standard is recognition from an independent third-party body of our obligation to provide high-quality services, based on 39 strong pledges. These service standards have been created in conjunction with the Public Authorities, users of the service and trade representatives.

Main certified characteristics:

  • We encourage collective performance and success around focused and adjustable operational objectives.
  • We implement a progressive recovery process aimed at engaging the client in a payment and/or contact process for each activity
  • Our clients have access to information on their situation 7 days a week, 24 hours a day online at an annual rate of 95%
  • Our first actions begin the day after receipt of a collection case
  • We carry out an assessment and propose our clients payment solutions tailored to their situation
  • We train our employees on the French Data Protection Act and monitor compliance with the regulations of the National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (CNIL)
  • We measure the level of satisfaction of our partner clients in order to improve the quality of our services
  • We measure the level of satisfaction of our debtor clients so that they may resolve their debts in the best possible conditions
  • We ensure that all employees undertake to respect the company's Code of Ethics.

Service certification standard "Debt collection activities – RE/CTA/01" may be obtained from or viewed at SGS ICS: 29, avenue Aristide Briand – 94 111 Arcueil Cedex.

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