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Why choose EOS France?

Expertise built over time

EOS France is the French division of the EOS Group, one of the world's leaders in the management and acquisition of receivables on behalf of third parties, present in more than 25 countries on the 3 continents of Europe, America and Asia.

Today, EOS France is represented by a number of branches:


  • EOS Credirec: debt purchase
  • EOS Contentia: debt management for third parties
  • SIP (private investigation company): civil investigation and personal information research


  • EOS Contentia Limited: offshore debt collection platform

The guiding principles of energy, transparency, reactivity and performance steer EOS France on its daily course of business, enabling it to guarantee a strong position in its lines of business.

We manage banking receivables, which may or may not be backed by specific securities (consumer credit, residential mortgages, commercial lending, bank overdrafts, and others), and non-banking receivables (insurance, telecoms, energy, e-commerce, etc.).

Around 600 employees work at our 5 sites situated in Paris, Nantes, Pau, Lille and Ebene (Mauritius).

The directors of EOS France

Strongly committed to company well-being and success

Nathalie Lameyre has been with the BNP Paribas Group for 11 years and has held a variety of positions. She was appointed as CEO/President of the Group in 1998. Nathalie Lameyre is a graduate of the ESSEC Business School. Prior to her current position as Honorary President, she spent 11 years as President of FIGEC (the French National Federation for Company Information, Debt Management and Civil Investigation). 

Matthieu Delavenne was involved in establishing Credirec, the founding company of the Group, in 1993. As Managing Director of the EOS France Group since 1995, he has been involved in all the major stages of the Group's development.

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